Our investment strategy is based upon the same two principles that Odyssey has successfully employed for the last 20+ years.

Thematic Approach

  • Economic changes
  • Secular trends
  • Government regulations
  • Market dislocations

"Thematic Approach" to proactively target specific industries

  • In-depth research to identify sectors with long-term growth in excess of GDP
  • Attend conferences / tradeshows, meet with consultants / industry experts, customers, suppliers and management teams
  • Significant time invested in learning industry fundamentals before approaching companies of interest

Operational Roadmap

  • Organic growth initiatives
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Cost improvements and best practices
  • Balance sheet management
  • Management enhancements

Partner with management teams to develop "Operational Roadmap" to create value during our ownership

  • Operational Roadmap identifies key objectives for organic growth, productivity initiatives, management enhancements and strategic acquisitions
  • Metrics established to measure progress

Within Odyssey’s focus areas, we invest in companies that are leading platforms in fragmented markets. These companies have significant opportunities to broaden and deepen product and/or service offerings through organic initiatives and add-on acquisitions. Since 1991, this strategy has enabled us to help management teams create larger, more diversified enterprises with industry-leading market positions, best-in-class operating processes, superior margins and attractive future growth prospects.