Odyssey has employed a consistent approach to its investment strategy for the past twenty years. Deep sector knowledge, focused multi-year planning and a steady and stable environment is crucial to making good decisions. Patience and discipline have enabled us to find opportunities where growth and value can be created.


We foster an environment of transparency within our firm, with our portfolio companies and with our Limited Partners.


We take responsibility for the decisions that we make as a firm.

We spend a great deal of time evaluating and assessing how we can continue to improve in everything we do.

Candor and Teamwork

Candor and teamwork are the cornerstones of any good Partnership. When working internally with our own team, with our Limited Partners and with our management teams we encourage candor and respect different points of view.

The culture within Odyssey is one of avid intellectual curiosity, honesty, vigorous debate and teamwork. We create a practical environment that allows learning from one another, which fosters creativity and flexibility and enables the development of new ideas.


In our experience, there are a few key tenants of successful partnerships, which are critical for successful investments.

Common Vision: Ability to see “what could be” and the conviction to build upon platform by adding capabilities and talent. We work closely with management to develop an Operating Roadmap for creating value

Flexibility / Speed: Play offense with purposeful intent → invest in differentiation, new service development and acquisitions

Chemistry: Experience base and confidence in partnership to work through challenges / opportunities together as a team

Alignment: Shared enterprise goals together with consistent financial incentives for successful execution. We do not take management fees from our portfolio companies or deal fees

Absolute Integrity and Discipline

We have established standards and practices that seek to ensure we conduct our business with absolute integrity and discipline.

We respect the trust and responsibility that our Limited Partners, management teams and employees of our portfolio companies have put in us and we are committed to doing the best job we can for them.